CZAR MASTIFFS has the biggest mastiff puppies in the USA! -  The biggest mastiff pups in the USA!
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This puppy is two weeks and weighs 5 pounds. Male mastiff puppy.Welcome to our site! It's all about Mastiff's!
We hope you find a puppy that fits you and your families personality and lifestyle. Czar Mastiffs is proud to have beautiful English Mastiffs that are docile, smart, and absolutely beautiful. Our lines go back to England less than 4 generations ago. That makes our mastiff line authentic to the breed. Not to mention that when you see our dogs in person you can tell they are loving to all who come to visit. Except one factor don't come without an appointment,  it may not be such a warm welcome.
Czar Mastiffs has been in business since May 1999 as a breeder of English Mastiffs only. We have owned Mastiffs for 14 years and before breeding we did all we could to understand the lines, the temperaments, the obedience training and the overall attitude of the breed. In our biased opinion they are the best of all dogs. 
Czar,  took almost 10 years to produce the offspring we have today. It was our goal to ensure a quality animal with the best of the mastiff world. We do not show our mastiffs because of the time and commitment needed to do so. We also have a full time business outside of being professional breeders.  We go to seminars, AKC shows, and breeder AKC organization meetings on a regular yearly basis. Being a long time breeder doesn't make us professional, it is the time spent reading, researching and getting ideas from other professional breeders that makes the difference between our breeding and someone just having a litter or two a year. Look around our website  at  our mastiff puppies and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
When purchasing a mastiff pup it is very important to do your homework and learn the breed first. It is not the same raising  them as other puppies. Parts of the breed are easier to train and other parts are more difficult. Partly because the mastiff has the same intelligence as a chimpanzee.  They can be stubborn and at times  and out smart you if you are not one step ahead, in their overall training process.
At Czar Mastiffs we help the new puppy owner experience the best of both worlds a great breeding line and an "intelligent  English Mastiff handler degree" when you buy a pup from us.
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